dating for voksne Langeland - Joomla dating plugin

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As an example I have bundled file for virtuemart FAQs: PS: Like most joomla extension providers suggest,we also reccomend you to keep a backup of your site(files and db) before installing this plugin The auto add feature of captcha for the 3 forms are tested in joomla 1.5.14 and 1.5.15 versions.

If it is not working in a different version,please inform us and we will find a remedy asap Feel free to post your doubts,suggestions,reccomendations and any issues with this plugin and we will reply here asap.

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If the html part is customized for com_user,mod_login or com_contact,it may not work.

Since this is aimed for non techy joomla users it wont affect them as they dont edit any files.

Thanks to Kristof Horvath (supplied portugese portugal) and Rafael(supplied prtugese brazilian), Dutch language added Thanks to Gie Henrion. Thanks to Roberto Lenti April 19 2010: V1.0.4 :fixed a small bug reported by some users May 7 2010: V1.0.5: Polish language translations(by Pawel ), French translations typos corrected(by Marie-Laure LEGLISE and Thierry Vanneste),xhtml strict captcha source(by Matt Lewis-Garner), Admin login protection with pass phrase (Please note down the value you set for passphrase in admin ,because once you set it adminpanel will not be accessible with out it), Czech translations(by Martin Benes), Croatian translation (by Marko ) Sep 6 2010: V1.0.6: Added Romanian and few other languages supplied by users worldwide.

IP blocking based on API added(this is in beta documentation on protection will be added here soon) April 13 2010: Arabic translations added. Also applied fix for deprecated 'explode' function in php 5.3.

However if there is a template override with form id/name change and submit button tag change you should edit plugins/system/osolcaptcha/osol Captcha/core and change the 2 variables for that form properly 'form Id' = Enabling auto add for mod_login(not available from version 2.0 onwards) is subject to conditions and is disabled by you enable it, make sure that it is in a unique position ,position must be any of these('left','right','top','user2','user3') .

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