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The design was unique in the fact that it was the middle portion of the lift in which the lifters had identical relative tension, and the VRT group had greater tension at the top of the movement than the control group.

The participants, who were NCAA basketball players, added the band workouts once per week to their normal routines.

In these cases, machine exercises may be a better option to start training.

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Some lifters have sticking points that VRT can also emphasize to help work through them.

A bencher with weak triceps will have difficulty as the movement progresses, and VRT can eliminate that weakness.

Researchers did discover that the rate of power development increased more in the group of athletes using bands after five weeks of training.

There were also some greater improvements to strength and lean muscle mass for the VRT group, although the total loading was relatively higher.

This has the effect of increasing the resistance toward the end of the concentric phase of the lift.

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